Not Just Another “Inner Beauty” Blog

A lot of you have probably stumbled across this blog expecting it to be another inner beauty blog. You would be mostly incorrect. I will never say inner beauty is not important, but neither will I claim that it is of the only importance. I too am a woman and understand the need to feel accepted, loved, and beautiful. Although I admit to that, I also know that feeling loved needs to be met with loving yourself. You only accept the love you feel you deserve. This blog is to help you view yourself in a better light, both inside and outside. If you want to join me on this journey of revolutionizing beauty, of refusing to listen to society’s definition of beauty when it’s so exclusive and unrealistic, then this blog is for you. Ready to destroy all the chains that affect practically every decision you make day to day? Ready to grow in confidence? Then let’s begin.Image


Agree? Disagree? If you want to leave your opinion or some input, I'd love to hear it! Also if you have a topic you'd like me to discuss or a question, feel free to leave those too :)

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