Some Pretty Big Questions I Think

Why why why?

Why do we rely on other people’s opinions of us for our happiness?

Why do we feel so offended when we dress up and look all pretty and get no compliments?

Why do some women feel so hurt when we put on sexy lingerie and our husband doesn’t get turned on by just looking at you?

Why do we hide our bodies and not buy perfectly good, warm, comfy sweaters because our “muffin” is showing?

Even when I wrote “sexy lingerie” into this article a recommended link popped up for a site that clearly objectifies women.

This whole idea drives me nuts! I just read a whole bunch of articles on the truth behind Victoria’s Secret’s Empowerment, and people’s responses to it as well as an article on the reality behind modesty (check out

It’s not fair that we fight so hard to be noticed, to be looked at, to be complicated, when we are SO MUCH MORE THAN BODIES. So much more! Why do we keep giving into this idea? It’s not fair to ourselves and to others. In these articles I read, there have been studies done that even show that we are to afraid to lift our hands in class sometimes because we are worried about people looking at us (which I can attest to because it stops me a lot of the time). Even walking down the street we are always looking at others and are aware of them looking at us. That isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but when that defines everything we do, what we wear, when we are constantly tugging at our clothes and fixing our hair and checking out our reflections in the mirrors, THERE IS SOMETHING WRONG WITH THAT!

We need to fight back against this ladies! It’s time we accepted ourselves for who we are, and stopped letting our body/how we look define everything we do. I bet you a lot of our men would rather we spent more time with them and less time in salons and stores trying to be perfect for the man who ALREADY LOVES US then trying to perfect something that they already love exactly how it is. And if your man doesn’t love you exactly how you are, than maybe you are with the wrong man!

Also, why do we let it matter what people think about us when you can’t control it anyways? People will think what people will think. You will never have everyone’s approval so why fight for it? You are who you are, and we are more than just bodies to be photoshopped, to be primped and painted, to be stared at.

You feel like people are staring at your “muffin”? Who cares! It’s natural, it’s beautiful, you don’t need to give into this systematic definition of “perfection” that shifts and changes as quickly as the pointless fashion trends! Don’t give into this ideal. Come on women. Let’s step up and step out confident because of who we are EXACTLY how we are! Raise your eyes up off the ground. Don’t be ashamed of who you are or how you look.


Agree? Disagree? If you want to leave your opinion or some input, I'd love to hear it! Also if you have a topic you'd like me to discuss or a question, feel free to leave those too :)

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